Ideagrams – what are they?

Urbanism001‘Ideagrams’ seek to encapsulate complex ideas in graphic word clusters.

The term ‘ideagram’ is an invented word derived from the merging of ideogram, diagram and idea. It will become clear that I use it to denote a form of graphic that incorporates aspects of all three forms.

The term is used as a label for a certain form of graphic that is not exactly either an ideogram or a diagram, but something else that places words, representing concepts  and generalisations in geometric relationships Rather than sentences. They have a meaning that is different to and more succinct than a narrative and they offer material for contemplation. Each ideagram provides a mnemonic, summarising a cluster of related concepts that interact and gain depth due to proximity. The resultant cluster of related ideas serves to stimulate thought. It is also more flexible and less prescriptive than a narrative so is capable of constantly refreshing itself.

The best way to understand ideagrams is to look at and contemplate the ones that follow here.

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