Influential and formative books

GreenReaderThumbListed on a new page under the Gaia tab are some books that have been important to me in my studies of sustainability, the environment and earth-care.

I am grouping them under the heading Gaia. The books very from the almost purely spiritual (there are two books about Zen practice) to the highly practical. Some may be regarded as Seminal, while others are instructive or interpretive of the original thought of others. In particular, ‘The Green Reader’, though rather old now, includes extracts from a wide range of writing by some of the best known authors and gurus across a range of shades of opinion and belief. I’ve arranged the books in date order which offers an interesting insight into how the environmental movement emerged, ideas got formulated and important influences spread. I’m sure this list, which you can find here needs a lot of supplementing to make it truly comprehensive, but I will continue to add new (and old) titles.

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