Deep Ecology principles explained


The Deep Ecology Movement, An Introductory Anthology

Published in 1995, this anthology provides a very good comprehensive overview reference to the many facets of the Deep Ecology movement. The introduction by authors Alan Drengson and Yuichi Inoue provides a good synopsis of the main tenets, sources and issues that define the Deep Ecology movement. Following chapters start with the seminal papers of Arne Naess who coined the term ‘Deep Ecology’ and set out a formal philosophical framework encompassing the ecological principles that stem from the distinction between ecocentrism and anthropocentrism–deep ecology and conservation ecology. The book then broadens the subject with contributions from other Deep Ecology luminaries including Gary Snyder, Bill Devall and Warwick Fox. It includes chapters on the relationship between feminism and Deep Ecology, the importance of ritual and the emphasis placed on Self Realisation through interaction with the wild and natural world. It features an unveiling of the “Council of All Beings”.

The impact and implications of a Deep Ecology perspective, both personal and political, are developed through essays that deal with the emotional, compassionate and life changing impacts of a world view deeply opposed to the dominant economic and political conventional wisdom of our times. It should also be said that the book includes a very comprehensive bibliography headed “Recent books relevant to the Deep Ecology movement plus a few classics”.

The Deep Ecology Movement, An Introductory Anthology, Drengson, Alan and Inoue, Yuichi, Editors, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California, 1995.

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