The Future We Choose


This book has a strong presence on the shelf and I was persuaded to buy it in advance of other reading I still have to do. I was particularly attracted by the fact that both the authors were part of the team that delivered the Paris Accord in 2016 and therefore I thought that they must be coming from a position of authority and experience. 

This is true and the book starts in a very punchy way with two alternative scenarios for 2050 depending on the uptake of the IPCC recommendation to hold global climate change increase within a 1.5degree centigrade limit over preindustrial levels on not.

It then goes on to set out an agenda for the individual person to address the issue of climate change and biological collapse. It is a short book and the chapter headings are almost as valuable as the full text. I have read it in a less than ideal condition of health/mind, but I felt that it could have been more focused. However, it is still highly recommendable in the way that it doesn’t elaborate scholastically around the subject matter, but gets straight to the point of the need for action and the sort of action that is possible. It discusses states of mind and debunks the possibility of a no action response. 

In a gentle sense, it is inspiring.

‘The future We Choose, Surviving the Climate Crisis’; Figueres, Christiana and Rivett-Carnac, Tom, Manilla Press, Great Britain, 2020

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