Encounters in the world of visual experience and beyond that are important to me. These are made objects, environments and experiences as distinct from natural phenomena. They include specific things,The work of individual designers and makers, collective styles and maker traditions and manifestos. the sequence is entirely arbitrary with items included simply when discovered or they crossed my mind.

Aalto    ALVAR AALTO This photograph of Saynatsalo Town Hall, Saynatsalo, Finland, 1949-52 taken from “Alvar Aalto” by Richard Weston, 1995, published by Phaidon Press Limited.

Klee    PAUL KLEE Illustration of painting “Static-Dynamic Graduation”, 1923-67, The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, The Berggruen Klee Collection, taken from “Paul Klee: The Nature of Creation” with essays by briget riley and robert kudielka, 2002, Haward Gallery Publishing, London & Lund Humphries, Aldershot

Shaker    SHAKER ARCHITECTURE, FURNITURE & EQUIPMENT Illustration of case of drawers, circa 1825-50, photographed by Paul Rochelean, taken from “Shaker Design”, June Sprigg, 1986, catalogue of exhibitiobn at the Whitney Museum of American Art, published by The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

SantElia    ANTONIO SANT’ELLIA Illustration of “La Citta Nuova: Station for airplanes and trains”, 1914, Private Collection taken from “The Work of Antonio Sant’Elia”, Esther da Costa Meyer, 1995, published by Yale University

SchroderHouse    GERRIT RIETVELD The illustration of the Schoder House, designed by Gerrit Rietveld is taken from “De Stijl 1917-1931: Visions of Utopia” with an introduction by Hans L C Jaffe, published by Phaidon Press Limited, Oxford, 1988, first published in UK 1982. Illustration courtesy of DienstVerspreide Rijkskollekties





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